Shots without distance - mistake in resection

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Shots without distance - mistake in resection

Postby vub » Sat May 16, 2009 9:03 am

I am using SurvCe since a 1/2 year in combination with Sokkia SRX. Surv CE ist very sophistcated software and every time of using we learn new hidden and useful tools. But we have encountered also some serious problems:
1: It is not possible to store shots without distance measurements. We are working in a montaineous area and have plenty far-distance targets like church towers or poles on mountains etc.
2. A similiar problem is in the 'resection' module: There are 2 solutions, if one take a angle-only reading to a far-distance target and a distance shot to a close point and both solutions are rejected? In the geometrical aspect there is only one unique solution and in the precission aspect the angle-only target must only be plenty far away. We are using this quick method very often in remote areas like forests etc. together with Leica Instruments.

Thanks in advance for a solution.
E.Unterberger - Austria/Salzburg
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