Backsight Setup Problem

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Backsight Setup Problem

Postby jbrun » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:34 am

Noticed that it seems that in the backsight routine you have to "Set Angle and Read" two times for it to actually set to zero. The first time you select it, it takes the distance and elev shot but does not set the horizontal angle to zero. On the screen it tells you that it is "Setting Horizontal Angle to Zero" then it kind of stalls out and pops up saying "Horizontal angle not Set" and shows the horizontal angle being set at some different angle than zero so you have to select "Set Angle and Read" again. Running a Sokkia SR30 with an Allegro CX and SurvCE 2.09.07. I have also noticed it doing the same thing with a Topcon GPT8003 Robot, running it robotically with an Allegro CX and SurvCE 2.09. So it seems that it is not an isolated issue. Any ideas???

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