Help for a new user!

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Help for a new user!

Postby sdixon » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:18 pm

OK, as the title says I am a brand new user with Surv CE, but I have many many years experience with other software's. By title I am a Sr. Cadd Designer. I was in the Surveying field for 12 years from 1978 thru 1990, but slowly got into roadway design where of course I worked with surveying off and own through our sub-consultants here in Florida.

I have used various software's, but back in my old surveying days I used something called DCA Engineering software, which I think was bought our by Softdesk. I also used the EFB data Collection software for most of the wok I performed for the FDOT as we processed it with the CAICE software.

I started working for my current firm 3 years ago where we eventually started up a surveying department this past year getting qualified from the FDOT for projects. We recently did a few projects as I am typically doing all of the office work.

OK, I just wanted to introduce myself there and where I stand as this is the first I have ever used Surv CE. I did go out in the field and train our recently hired party chief on the FDOT data collection standards and I got the Carlson Surveyor + collector down pretty well after so many years since I had used one.

My problem and question is they were just doing data collection on a couple of small bridge jobs collecting about 750 points total. They did this before performing their bench run, which I did not know about. They only had two established control points they used. They had coordinate data on these two points, but No elevation. They just assumed elevations of 100.00 on the two points. They later did a long bench run from established FDOT monuments with brass disks to establish good elevations on these points.

My question is what is the easiest way with the Surv CE software to re-establish proper elevations on all of the points collected in the field when I change the elevations on the two control points they setup to collect the data. I know how to do this in CAICE or Geopak, but not with Surv CE.

If it's easier I would love to know how to print out the readings so I could know which points were collected at which setup so I could just setup a spread sheet to change all of he elevations., but I do not know what setup they were on to store which points.

I hope this all made sense and Thank You in advance for any help you could give to me as I have to have this done ASAP! :)
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Re: Help for a new user!

Postby ColC » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:32 am

In the Cogo Menu you can select Transformations. The screens are pretty self explanatory, the downside is that you have to proceed to the second screen before you can select the set of points to translate. And there is no group selection available. I think there are ways to use the raw data file to achieve a similar result. I have found the translate simple and easy so I haven't explored the raw data method as yet.
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