SurvCe V3.0 lacks Group operations

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SurvCe V3.0 lacks Group operations

Postby ColC » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:21 pm

I am very disappointed that the new release of SurvCe V3.0 lacks the ability to use groups. In stake out and data transformations group functions are critical. In both of these operations you have to re-enter the set of point numbers each time. With stake out, a list is created but points disappear of the list once used. And that is particularly irritating when the point disappears off the list when it has not even been staked. It would be preferable the list remained intact an a tag was placed next to the completed points. The list should then be able to be stored once created.In data transformations I will on most occasions rotate and translate the same set of data and multiple times. A simple saving of the list would avoid data input errors occuring.

Carlsons Survey copies all associated field work files when transferring to the Surveyor+ , including the point group file. Then the file is not utilised in SurvCe.

There are some very fancy and clever options in SurveCE. A group list file is simple basic function which a trainee programmer could put together and its omission creates a big black hole in the SurvCe package.
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