Recommended Geoid file sizes?

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Recommended Geoid file sizes?

Postby Hwy Ian » Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:38 pm

Just wondering what the recommended Geoid file size is when using SurvCE 2.5.

Past documentation reads that they should be between "80 & 400 kilometers" and another reads that is should be no more than "120 miles (193 km)"

Is the Geoid size dependent on the processor of the data collector or is it dependent on SurvCE?
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Postby Hwy Ian » Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:44 pm

I got a reply from Carlson's Tech Support indicating the following:

From: Technical Support <support>
To: Rose, Ian (MIT)
Sent: Tue Jul 06 11:17:54 2010
Subject: Re: (Case 44576) Geoid file sizes


The maximum size for a Carlson *.gsf Geoid File created for a Carlson SurvCE data collector is still 400 kilometers in diameter {200km radius in any direction from the center point}.

Performance can vary on different data collectors so it may be best to simply create two files = one at 200km and another at 400km then load the larger 400km file into your Data Collector to see how long it takes for SurvCE to enter the live Survey / Store Points screen where it usually says "Loading Geoid". If you change jobs or do a File / Exit to Exit SurvCE it will normally have to go through another "Loading Geoid" process.

Its normally a personal preference for field crews since some crews are more patient in waiting for a data collector to load the larger 400km files and other crews do not like the extra wait times even if there are short at only 30seconds or 1 minute.

~ John Gerber
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geoid files

Postby GPSMAN » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:14 pm

when creating geoid files in SurvCOMM, what "GRID SIZE" should be used ? and how big of a radi will that actually make?
ie. 50 miles = 25' radius from center

what is the limit 250 miles ???

has any body converted a gsf file to a grd file
in order to import it as a 3d grd file in SURFACE to see what area the model covers?
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