"Staking Line/Arc" routine using referenced centerline

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"Staking Line/Arc" routine using referenced centerline

Postby Mike L » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:54 pm

If I choose to stake an alignment (.cl file) referenced to a .cl for stationing, will the stations from the referenced .cl be displayed at the 0 offset of the alignment? For example, I'm staking 1+00 at 5' right and the referenced .cl station is 25+00 at station 1+00 0' offset (which is the reference station I want to be displayed on data collector). What I found last week, is the referenced .cl station is given at the 5' offset and not on the line staked. This can bite the surveyor in the butt if the alignment is not concentric or parallel with the referenced .cl. My question is- how do I obtain the referenced .cl station at the 0' offset on the alignment that is not concentric/parallel?

The reason for asking: I am currently creating .cl files for median curb on a street improvement project. If I'm able to stake using a referenced .cl that gives me a station on the aligment, I would be able to create one polyline for the median (east or west side) no matter how many turn pockets there are. If not, I have to create separate .cl files for each turn pocket (which we've done in past, and it results in a ton of different .cl files for one alignment).

I am using Carlson Survey 2012 with SurvCE 3.0.

Please Help!
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