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Design Pad Template not cooperating

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:50 pm
by Preciosu21
I am using Carlson 2013 and trying to insert a dike with Design Pad Template. I want my T.O. Dike to be 17', and to slope to exist grade at a 3:1 slope. I start with a poly line at 17' and go from there. I insert all this info and it seems to just flat out ignore my request. I am getting a T.O. Dike anywhere from 17' to 25'. Varies all around. My dike is in the shape of a rectangle and is rotate at a 45 degree angle roughly. I have redone my exist grade tin several times just to see if there was a mistake somewhere. I have checked the grade shots to see if that might be forcing the elevation variance but nothing to show for it. All my elevations are well below the 17' I need.

Can anyone think of what might be wrong or what mistake I am making in doing this, any help would be much appreciated.