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project setup help

Postby qmike » Tue May 27, 2014 4:46 pm

I am a new user to Carlson takeoff r6. I started off by opening takeoff and inserting a drawing. I am having some issues within my drawing. I heard that these issues might be caused because I have no project folders set up... my files just lie within a directory. I am looking for some helpful steps to properly set up a new project. there are basically 2-3 people that may access the project at any given time. one of the issues I am having is trying to export my linework to a ln3 file. I use file>import/export>export polyline file>Topcon and then name the file, after selecting the linework to export the command line says (unable to write ln3 file).
thanks a bunch
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Re: project setup help

Postby Gibbo » Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:39 am


Under Settings - Set Project/Data Folders, select Project Folders radio button then the Project Sub_Folders Setup button and create some folders that make sense to you. Then select the Data Type Sub-folders button and go through all the files types and assign a folder to the ones you will use. The Mining and Point cloud ones you may be able to avoid. I put all the Hydro ones under a folder Hydro, GIS - GIS/Images, surface files under TINs, CLs under Centrelines and so on. The startup Project/Data Folder should be the project you are working in the most.

Startup and Current Settings folders should be set to Carlson Projects\Settings\

If you use project files put that under Current Project.

Had no issues using the Write polyline function under File Menu - Export - Polyline File - Topcon.

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Re: project setup help

Postby Dent Cermak » Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:24 pm ... g-manuals/

Use this link to check out Jennifer's training manuals. They are some of the best available. Clear and easy to understand and you will find the answers to 90-99% of the questions that you now have. You will recoup the cost of the manuals in increased productivity in no time at all.
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