Carlson Survey 2016 HELP!

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Carlson Survey 2016 HELP!

Postby Randy Layhe » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:48 pm

Hello all,

I am currently testing out drafting software's & I have a question about Carlson Survey 2016. Previously I was using CG Survey 2007 version.

- My concern is that in both the Intellicad 8.1 & the Embedded OEM versions, while using the Autocad draw "Line" or "Pline" command(not C&G), I can no longer accurately project lines or polylines to a specific distance using the cursor & object snap tracking or any other type of tracking(Ortho, Polar, etc...).

Previously I could set my tracking line with the cursor & then just key in the distance to the command line. Now when attempting the Acad draw '"Line" or "Pline" command, I am prompted with these options:

[ Distance Undo <Pick point or point number>].

Then if you choose distance you are prompted to:


and finally you are prompted to:

Define direction method [Cursor line Pick <Angle>]?

Had they simply added 3 extra steps to this process, it would be a pain the ass, but it wouldn't kill me. The REAL PROBLEM is that when you select 'Distance' after being prompted, it throws out your tracking line!!! Then when you later select 'Cursor' for direction method, the line is drawn directly to the cursor(which is never directly on the tracking line).

This feature is one of the most useful tools I use for drafting & is quintessential for the majority of other Acad packages. I'm really dumbfounded as to way Carlson would change this command, especially when there is already a CG Command to draw lines by points!

My thoughts are:

1) That this is no longer a true Autocad Command. It is now a quasi Carlson Cad command. I say that because this feature is still available in the standalone Autocad 2015 and other versions. If anyone is using the full Acad with the Carlson package on top, is this feature still available in your version?

2) If I could set 'Distance' as the default prompt for this command, then I should be able to enter a D & keep my tracking line. Dose anybody know of a way to set 'Distance' to default for this command?

The thread below, is the only forum I've found that address's this issue. I have also put in a call to Carlson tech support who seemed rather surprised that this function was not available. I am still waiting for a call back from them after the representative after he speaks with his supervisors. If anybody knows a way to work around this issue, w/o buying the standalone Acad, I would be forever grateful. Thanks for everyone's help.
Randy Layhe
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Re: Carlson Survey 2016 HELP!

Postby Randy Layhe » Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:46 pm

So I've found a work around in the Intellicad version(not the OEM though). Typing the "line" or "pline" command allows to to specify a distance on the correct line. However I'm having trouble getting the 'perpendicular' object(entity) snap tracking to work. I can snap perpendicularly to a line but I can not come off of a line perpendicularly. I have all the other object snap tracking features working & all other snap(grid) & tracking settings are turned off. This seems to work fine in the embedded version & the old CG Survey software. Not sure why I can't track perpendicularly in Intellicad.
Randy Layhe
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