Carlson Survey equivalent to Prospector

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Carlson Survey equivalent to Prospector

Postby surveychick » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:20 pm

I've just started working for a new company that is using Carlson Survey 2018 on AutoCAD 2016. I'm coming from a company that used AutoCAD Civil3D for everything.

I found the Point Group Manager, and was able to create a few point groups (this is after the points have all come in FTF - we don't have point groups automated yet).

I'm accustomed to managing the display of my point groups from the Toolspace - Prospector. I've been all over the Carlson workspace and searched all over the Carlson knowledge base here on the website and can't seem to find anything like that in Carlson. And I can't locate any way to pull it up at all, because the Ribbon doesn't even look the same. There's no Home tab, or View tab that will let me turn the toolspace thing off or on.

Does anyone have any insight?
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Re: Carlson Survey equivalent to Prospector

Postby Dent Cermak » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:16 pm

Run F2F, at the bottom left click on "edit codes". Look at the window, There is a space where you assign that code to a point group. Enter the Point Group Name, ie: "CONC", "ASP" or whatever. Now the point groups will be built when you run F2F.
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