Example Foliage Line

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Example Foliage Line

Postby N31L » Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:17 pm

Hello all,

First time poster but user of Carlson OEM for a number of years (Land Surveyor).

I have recently moved company and seem to have set up my new Carlson install relatively easily. However, in my 2019 copy my previous company linetype for foliage lines seems to no longer work and comes in as a serious of dots only. Every other linetype has woked fine except for the foliage?

Currently I am using the standard tree linetype within Carlson but compared to the previous linetype used is a little basic and not as good on the eye in the final plans.

Does anyone have an example of a linetype they use for foliage that I could copy into my current linetype file with the rest of them and use that is a little less basic?

Any help and advise greatly appreciated.

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Re: Example Foliage Line

Postby gskelhorn » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:26 pm

Can't help you get something working from your previous employer...

You can experiment with REVCLOUD.

Draw a polyline.

Run REVCLOUD and use the "A" option to set the arc lengths to min=2 max=3, option "E" allows you to pick the polyline, allow the arc to bulge in the opposite side you want.

Run REVCLOUD again, set arc lengths min=1.0 max=1.5, select the previously created cloud, flip the bulges to the side you want.

Vary the arc lengths... might be able to get a look you like.
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