Annotation Errors????

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Annotation Errors????

Postby Ryan Riley52 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:30 pm

I recently was doing static equipment Asbuilts and found an elevation Annotation label different from the CRD by a tenth. I reloaded the point and it still came up a tenth higher than what was in the CRD. I checked the raw data file from the data collector and it was right. I then copied the point and pasted in a different spot on the drawing and it came out right. I deleted everything in the area of the point (a very large area) and put the copied point back and it annotated the wrong elevation again. I used another department computer and drew the point and it annotated correctly. I have seen errors in 3d circles and check them regularly, but has anyone else seen this or know of a setting? We recently had a power outage and it seems Carlson doesn't like being shutdown this way. Any help is much appreciated.
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