New CS user needs POINT help

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New CS user needs POINT help

Postby Yahooty » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:18 am

Hi All,
I'm a new Carlson Survey user coming from LDD 2005. Everything seems to be fairly straight forward so far, but can someone describe to me the way the points work in this program. We typically download GPS points into LGO then create a csv or txt file and import them into our CAD program. I don't understand the Carlson point setup. Can anyone give me an overview?
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Re: New CS user needs POINT help

Postby Dent Cermak » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:53 am

You create and set the current coordinate file under the POINTS pull down. Then set that file as the current coordinate file. It is empty at this point . Then go to import points and set the proper point format -ie, comma delimited or space delimited , select the TXT file that you have and the points should be imported into the drawing. (There is a setting where you can have the points show up as you import the file. If they do not show up, select the draw/import points and they will show up.) Either way , the points are now in your *.crd file. The *.crd file works in real time. As you make changes the crd file is updated. You can edit the points by double right clicking on the point itself. Once you get into it, the points routines are very simple.
I would highly recommend that you co to and take a look at her training manuals. One of them includes the setup and configuration secrets that you need and it also covers "Getting Started With Points". The manuals are very easy to follow and understand, unlike a bunch of the AutoCAD Third Party books. That one manual is MORE than worth its cost. Increased productivity will pay for these manuals in less than 2 months.
Better yet, get the Boss to buy a copy of each of Jennifer's manuals. It will be the best money the company ever spends. They have everything to get you up to speed on Carlson and once you comprehend and apply what they show, your drafting time will be cut, at a MINIMUM, by at least 50%. Probably much more than that.
Listen, I am a 67 year old Mississippi Red Neck and I can make Carlson hum like a cheap top. Why? Because I spent the money on the training I needed. The day of buying a software package and teaching yourself how to FULLY utilize what is available are LONG GONE!! Most Bosses do not understand this. Many companies spend NOTHING on staff training every year. Those are the companies that FOLLOW the others. In today's world it is purely a case of LEAD, FOLLOW or Get the Hell out of the way!!
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