Polyline not responding to "Move" command

Polyline not responding to "Move" command

Postby cdknittel » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:51 pm

Good morning,

I opened up a drawing a coworker made to edit a couple lines. One of the closed polylines he had in will not move. I can delete it, copy it and perform other commands but it will not just move. I originally tried moving it as part of a group of other entities 500 to the West just to get it out of the way, in that case nothing in the group moved. I moved each entity individually until I found the culprit. The layer is not locked and nothing looks out of place with the properties of this polyline. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Work around: I just copied the polyline over 500 to the other entities and deleted the original. Just wondering if there was a reason for it not moving.

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