Dynamic Bar Scale / Drawing Scale

Dynamic Bar Scale / Drawing Scale

Postby cdknittel » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:54 pm


I am trying to create a bar scale and scale in paperspace that updates as I change either the scale of the model space viewport my drawing is in or the Horizontal Scale under "Settings -> Drawing Setup". Attached is an image showing our current drawing scale and bar scale. The entities in cyan are MTEXT which a field can be inserted into in the Text Editor ribbon. I'm trying to determine the correct field to use to accomplish this. Additionally, of course, the furthest right MTEXT field in the barscale would need a factor of 2 applied to it.

In the case of these fields updating when I change the viewport scale (by typing "z" then "1/100xp", for example, for 1"=100' for paperspace scale), I insert a field, select "Object" under field name, I select the viewport as my target object, and under property select either Custom Scale or Standard Scale. Selecting Custom Scale gets me close but puts the inverse of what I'd like to display. Selecting Standard Scale would output "1:100" which is not quite the format I'd like for our drawing scale and wouldn't work in the barscale.

I have seen it done before by changing the Horizontal Scale under "Settings -> Drawing Setup" (which we use to get annotation sizes), but cannot find how to reference this as a field.

I appreciate in advance any input from you guys. Thanks.
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