Old Mtext Editor changing Fields to text

Old Mtext Editor changing Fields to text

Postby cdknittel » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:08 pm

Hello forums,

We have a number of fields inserted into some Mtext entities in our templates that we are able to mass update using custom DWGPROPS. However, if the Old Mtext editor is used to edit the Mtext entity instead of the default editor, when I am done editing the text and exit the editor window the fields are changed to standard text. So to clarify, I do "MTEXTED" and then "OldEditor" to change the editor type. I then go into an Mtext entity that has a field in it, which brings up the old editor window. I make a couple changes to the text alone and when I exit the window the fields have become text (no longer updating with respect to the DWGPROPS).

Is there any way to utilize the Old Editor and still retain the fields? Or is the incompatibility a consequence of not using the default editor? Thanks in advance.
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