Is there a previous layer command? (LayerP)

Is there a previous layer command? (LayerP)

Postby CMB » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:35 pm

New to intellicad. I was wondering if there is a Previous Layer command, like there is in AutoCAD. I have looked for one, but can not find one. This is a command I use often to turn a group of layers on and off in quick succession. I discovered the LayUnIso command, but that only works if I quickly iso something and then want to bounce back. But is there a command I can use to do the opposite? For example, I have a handful of layers on, but I need to reference something that I do not know off hand what layer it is on (other company's layer names), so I quickly LAYTHW, find what I am looking for, make some sort of changes, and then I want to quickly get back to the layer state I was in. Otherwise I am slowing turning layers off one and a time to get back there. I used LAYERP dozens of times a day when I was using AutoCAD. Thanks
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Re: Is there a previous layer command? (LayerP)

Postby gskelhorn » Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:30 pm

I often just thaw all to check stuff out then undo... then I have a custom routine to popup a dialog where I can select the multiple layers I want to thaw.

There may be other ways but the first thing that pops into mind to simulate the LAYERP functionality... you might use a couple of toolbar buttons... one saving a layer state and the other restoring and deleting it.

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(layerstate-save "myTemp1" 255)

Thaw, turn on, unlock all layers, etc...

Restore and delete the temporary layer state if it exists:
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(and (layerstate-has "myTemp1")(layerstate-restore "myTemp1" nil)(layerstate-delete "myTemp1"))

These are intended for model space. The 255 is a flag to select what should be saved in the layerstate. Sum the values you want from the list in the Help:
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1- Restore the saved On or Off value
2- Restore the saved Frozen or Thawed value
4- Restore the saved Lock value
8- Restore the saved Plot or No Plot value
16- Restore the saved VPVSDFLT value
32- Restore the saved Color
64- Restore the saved LineType
128- Restore the saved LineWeight
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Re: Is there a previous layer command? (LayerP)

Postby dspr » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:30 pm

I too miss this command (layerp). Not only will it restore your previous layer state but it will continuously restore older layer states as you click it. That would be difficult to reproduce in a script.
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