SurvCE question about texts

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SurvCE question about texts

Postby cserno2 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:30 pm

My surveying company has the Stonex s9 III with the Getac handheld and the SurvCE 3.0 edition (using Hungarian language).

Most of the work is mapping out / surveying the new sewage system / telephone lines in a town. For this usually we receive an official map of the town (in AutoCAD), so first we importing this map to the handheld and then using this as a base for getting the new points / lines...
Our problem:
The importing doesn't import the texts. There are texts which are quite insignificant, however there are some which are important, and the absence of them are making the work much more difficult.
I downloaded the Manual and tried to go through as much page as possible and found one part, which describing this. On page 464 the DWG File import. In this section it's telling to set "Process Block/Insert" which we did and finally we could at least see all the symbols. Also notes about "Explode Text to Polylines". We tried to do this, however the original map was 1 MB, and the new map where the texts exploded into polylines (and only the texts) was almost 4 MB file. When we tried to import this, it froze the handheld / program.

- Is there a new version / patch which would show the texts?
- Is there another solution to export out of AutoCAD and not to create a huge file.
- If the answer is no for the two questions above, is somebody know a good and easy solution for the handheld automatically sending the newly surveyed point to an iPad / small Windows Ultrabook and there automatically redrawing the map.
- Is somebody encountered the same thing?

I hope I described my problem / questions enough.
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