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Image X-port

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:15 pm
by PLS3775
I have tried to insert an aerial image into SurvCE through Image X-port/Image Manager unsuccessfully. Is this the only way to do it or are there other ways? My Image Manager crashes often and even when I do get it to process an image, I am unsure how to place it on the collector. Any experiences with this?

Re: Image X-port

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:12 am
by PLS3775
Ok, I got it to insert the outline of the image with an origin of 0,0 and outer size of 100,000,000,100,000,000. No image though... It doesn't seem to be recognizing the world file which is what I thought was the IDB file.