Is there a Previous Layer command? (LayerP)

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Is there a Previous Layer command? (LayerP)

Postby CMB » Fri Aug 02, 2019 7:39 pm

New to intellicad. I was wondering if there is a Previous Layer command, like there is in AutoCAD. I have looked for one, but can not find one. This is a command I use often to turn a group of layers on and off in quick succession. I discovered the LayUnIso command, but that only works if I quickly iso something and then want to bounce back. But is there a command I can use to do the opposite? For example, I have a handful of layers on, but I need to reference something that I do not know off hand what layer it is on (other company's layer names), so I quickly LAYTHW, find what I am looking for, make some sort of changes, and then I want to quickly get back to the layer state I was in. Otherwise I am slowing turning layers off one and a time to get back there. I used LAYERP dozens of times a day when I was using AutoCAD. Thanks
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