survPC/importing linework with points from Carlson Survey

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survPC/importing linework with points from Carlson Survey

Postby Catamounter » Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:20 pm

I'm in the early stages of migrating over from TDS Survey Pro/Foresight to Carlson survPC/Carlson Survey so I apologize if this question comes off a little clunky. My first big roadblock is finding a way to import the deed points AND associated linework from the computer to the RT4. I see the main way to move points back and forth is through ASCI file...nothing surprising there, but....I don't see where I can import a complete or selected parts of a .DWG into survPC. Specifically points AND their associated polylines. TDS did this with a .JOB file. I don't want to spend a bunch of time comping out deeds and plans on the computer and then having to re-comp them in the collector. I'd prefer to just do it once and then export the points and linework to the collector. SO.....

Is the something analogous to the TDS .JOB file that I can export from Survey into survPC so that I can see the linework associated with the points that I'm bringing to the DC?

Also, in TDS Survey Pro if I adjusted points the linework would follow along if the polylines were associated with them when created. Is this possible in survPC? If the linework doesn't follow along with the adjusted points it kind of renders the whole having linework thing useless anyways.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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