Workspace Resets on Every File Open

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Workspace Resets on Every File Open

Postby SRLEONE » Thu Jan 04, 2024 4:09 pm

I use Carlson 2023/IntelliCAD 10.1 This happened to me seven months ago, and it somehow got fixed after a month or so. (Maybe with an update?) But it's happening again and is very frustrating. I have a highly customized UI and I want my ribbon to stay put!!

Three things seemed to happen simultaneously whenever I create or open a drawing (even if another drawing is already open):
1. The chosen workspace reverts to the “Carlson” workspace, despite it not being checked in my Workspace Settings. If I select something else in the Workspace control on the Quick Access toolbar, it disappears from the dropdown.
2. My Workspace Settings are changed to have the “My Workspace” dropdown be blank. (This happened in June, but not this time around.)
3. In the Entity Properties toolbar’s Layer Color control, all the custom colors I have used in the drawing, or in an already open drawing, are no longer listed.(This happened in June, but not this time around.)

There were some posts from over ten years ago about this. Anyone experienced this... and fixed it?

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