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Working with Civil 3d Corridors

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 10:44 pm
by Mike L
My ultimate goal is to create a .tsf (template series file) from a Civil 3d corridor for staking purposes. Has anyone attempted this?

First question, would you recommend extracting the 3d polylines from the corridor in Civil 3d then bringing into Carlson Civil and creating .tsf file using 3d polylines? Or is there an option to convert a Civil 3d corridor into a .tsf (or components of)? I am able to open the .dwg in Carlson Civil 2014, and it recognizes a corridor. The options are very limited from there.

A bit of background, we are using SurvCE 3.03 in our field data collectors, our Carlson Civil 2014 is Civil 3d embedded, and using Civil 3d 2014. We received a corridor from our engineering department of a future flood control channel construction project (that we're ecstatic about!). There is so many capabilities with the intelligence of all the data given in a corridor. One option we were able to complete is exporting the corridor and components thereof as a landxml. We import the landxml into Carlson Civil and this recognized all C3d alignments as .cl files, and C3d profiles as .pro files. This is very helpful, but not the ultimate goal. We would like to have the 3d polylines with intelligence (name, hz alignment, profile) and templates so we can slope stake in the data collector.

Even if you have not attempted, suggestions are encouraged.

Thank you ahead of time!