Creating 2 Separate Contours

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Creating 2 Separate Contours

Postby Jeff P » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:55 pm

I'm working on a topography project using Carlson 2016. One of the requirements that the client requested is 1' contours for natural land and 0.1' contours on the roadway. I've made 2 separate TINS, one for the natural land area and one for the roadway. Is there a way to make 2 separate contours while running the Triangulate & Contour command? Or is there a way to prevent Carlson from deleting the old contours I've made for natural land and just create a new set of contours just for the roadway? Or is the only way to combine the two sets of contours will be to create two separate drawings, block one set of contours (1.0'), and insert them into the other drawing with the other contours (0.1') already created?

Long story short, I'm trying to create two separate contours in the same drawing, but Carlson deletes one set of contours before creating the new one. I'm wondering if Carlson can create two separate sets of contours on the same drawing (1.0' & 0.1'). I searched the forums, Carlson Help, and the internet but I'm finding nothing on creating two sets of contours in the same drawing.
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Re: Creating 2 Separate Contours

Postby navaran » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:00 am

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Re: Creating 2 Separate Contours

Postby Dent Cermak » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:15 pm

So you are actually wanting to create 2 different surfaces? Clear your screen. Create layers roadindex and roadinter in your layer manager. set the colors different from your other contours so you can tell what's what. Shrink Wrap the new points. The go to the Surface menu and down to create surface. Set your contour interval and be sure to use the layer names you just created. Add your breaklines and only the new points. Now create a surface called "roadway". Now you have 2 surfaces and 2 sets of contours on separate layers.
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