Exporting Surface Model Data to Trimble GPS Station

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Exporting Surface Model Data to Trimble GPS Station

Postby waynebell » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:45 am

A contractor would like to extract surface model data to their Trimble GPS equipment for construction stakeout and checking the line and grade of drainage structures. I am familiar with surface modeling and will be using the Carlson Civil Suite 2020 to perform the work. The surface model and design files have been generated using Civil 3D and will probably have to be exported to the LandXML format to be imported to a Carlson surface model. I do not have extensive experience with the Carlson Software and have some questions that I would greatly appreciate a response to.

1. Given that the original design files have been generated with the Civil 3D program, should I request LandXML files for the surface model?
2. The contractor wants to use his Trimble GPS equipment (rover and base station) to set line and grade for some large drainage structures (box culverts). Would I have to convert the surface model to a format compatible with the Trimble software for the GPS equipment?
3. I will be managing the as-built surface model for the contractor and will use the data collected by the Trimble equipment to update the surface model. Are there any actions I can take prior to the beginning of construction regarding file formats?

Thank you for your responses.

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Re: Exporting Surface Model Data to Trimble GPS Station

Postby Nava Ran » Fri Dec 06, 2019 3:24 pm

1-File>Import>Land XML File
2-Surface>Import/Export Surface>Export Trimble TTM File
3-Surface>Import/Export Surface>Import Trimble TTM File
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