Trimble DC file import - Getting attributes to plot

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Trimble DC file import - Getting attributes to plot

Postby shrthrnPLS » Thu May 16, 2024 1:39 pm

Good morning all. I am having so small issues with my F2F in getting my attributes to post to the screen in Survey. I am used using VTT files, and now new job new problems, lol. Workflow here is to just "hand type" the attributes out of the RAW file. So this is my workflow as I am use to. There maybe a simpler way with a CSV file, so I am all ears. So out TBC I export the JOB file to a DC File. Open Carlson and my drawing with the CRDB file. Then through Survey->Edit-Process RAW File, I open my master RAW File then go FILE->Import->Trimble DC. Once the data i can see all my attributing
. In my F2F I have all the attributing referenced
. As stated, I am use to VTT files, so when I process the data is placed next to the shot. But for some reason I am missing a step or something to get this data from the RAW to screen. I think I may have to set up a full GIS database for this to work correctly, but the research I have completed has not yielded any solutions. Thanks in advance any direction or another solution.
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