Rod Height issues

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Rod Height issues

Postby PLS3775 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:14 pm

I am using SurvCE version 2.62 in an Allegro MX collector with both a Leica TCRP 1203 as well as a Topcon GTS-302. Recently I have noticed that when I am using the Topcon in the "Store Points" function I will designate the setup information (Occupy point, Inst. Height, etc) as well as the Backsight HT. I will leave the box unchecked that will use the backsight HT for the Foresight HT. Then after I check my backsight and go to the next screen, the backsight HT will be populated in the HT window. At which point I will put in my frontsight rod height. Up until this point everything seems normal. But after I sideshoot a point and store it, the frontsight HT will revert back to the Backsight this something anyone else has experienced and is there a "fix"?
Thank you.
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