Un-associate .crd with .dwg

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Un-associate .crd with .dwg

Postby cdknittel » Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:41 pm

Hello world,

Is there anyways to remove or "unset" a .crd file from a .dwg? We created a test.crd in a template.dwg during some troubleshooting, now every time we open the template.dwg to start a new project the test.crd is automatically the set file. The only way to get a unique project .crd file to go to "Points --> Set CooRDinate File --> New" and create a new .crd that way. Before, without a .crd already set in the .dwg, we went to "Points --> Draw-Locate Points" and it would ask us to create a new .crd for the project. We would like this to be the default way but it seems we can't until we remove the test.crd from the template.dwg. Anyone know how to get this done? Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: Work-around
Seems like deleting the test.crd from our file explorer removed it from the template.dwg when we reopened it. Still curious if there is a direct way of removing the .crd.
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