Road template transition in superelevation section

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Road template transition in superelevation section

Postby danc » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:05 pm

I have been using Carlson Civil (or its predecessors) to design road grades for 18 years and you would think I would have run into this before, but apparently this is the first time I have run into this situation. If I create a "Template Transition" to modify/deviate from the normal template slopes and the stations for that transition happen to occur in a segment of the roadway that is in superelevation, the Carlson "Process Road Design" routine will not honor the template transition criteria as far as slopes. In my case, I have an existing bridge that falls totally within a superelevated segment of the road and my calculated road grades and road cross slopes will have to transition in to match the existing bridge deck. I created the "Template Transition" to tie into the existing bridge but when I processed the road design it ignored the slope transitions and output normal superelevation grades and slopes at the bridge approaches. I don't get this "ignoring" of the "Template Transition" slopes for existing bridges that fall in normal crown areas.

This is happening using both Carlson 2019 with Intellicad and using Carlson Civil Design 2008 with AutoCAD.

Anybody have any thoughts? Am I just going to have to calculate those particular bridge approach grades by hand?
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